€ 33,50

Perma Blend Evenflo Neutralizer and Colorizer are used in correcting dark lips.  As their name suggests, Neutralizer neutralizes and Colorizer enhances the color.


Lulu Siciliano has developed this exclusive PMU colour set to provide artists like her with the ability to easily choose the perfect tone each time. This custom palette leaves all guesswork aside, allowing you to focus on the results.


These colors deliver natural-looking results instantly due to their fluid consistency; even with the smallest needle configurations, thanks to its ultra-fine particle size.


Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Pigments are for micropigmentation and microblading. Made in the USA with adherence to strict US guidelines by World Famous Ink, one of the oldest and trusted names in the industry. Usable for lips, eyebrow, eyeliner and cover ups!


Vegan friendly and guaranteed to have not been tested on animals. EU certified with MSDS and all ingredient documentation. These pigments are for professional use only.