STERILE INK CUPS - 120 x 4 stuks

€ 16,95


The sterilized ink caps consist of 120 perforated and detachable plastic blisters, each with 4 color caps. The color caps sterilized with EO gas are sealed with medical sealing paper. The very light and space-saving design makes the sterilized ink caps the ideal travel companion for conventions. The individual ink caps have a diameter of approx. 10mm and can be safely positioned at the workplace with a dab of vaselin. With these sterilized ink caps, you reduce the risk of cross-contamination and protect your customers even more from the risk of infection.


  • contains 120 sterilized perforated cards with 4 caps per card
  • EO Gas sterilized
  • Travel friendly
  • Space saving
  • Diameter: 10mm